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SC Works Website Survey

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this short survey about the website. The goal is to use customer feedback to make updates or changes to the website that will help individuals find the information they need. Please keep in mind that the feedback for this survey is for the informational site only. It is not for any other sites linked to our agency such as or the claimant portal where people file for unemployment insurance.


Are you an individual, employer or member of general public? ✱
How easy was it to find your information on the website? ✱
Please rank how you prefer to learn about our services. 1 being your most preferred and 5 being least preferred. ✱
What did you come to the site to do today? ✱
What information would you like to see on this website that you did not find today?  ✱
What was your biggest challenge with the website? ✱